There are a lot of music video production companies out there, but not all of them will be a good fit for your needs. It’s important to find the right company so that you can develop successful music videos. In this blog post, we’ll go through 6 tips on working with a music video filmmaker to help you create an award winning film.

1. Determine Who Will Direct the Video

The team you work with should be able to tell you who will be responsible for directing your music video. You need to approve of this person’s style and vision if they are going to represent your brand in a powerful way. The right director can elevate your message through their unique perspective, so make sure that whoever is working on it has the right background!

You also want to know what other projects or videos they’ve worked on before. Make sure that their content aligns with yours so that there isn’t any confusion about where the focus lies when it comes time for the shoot day.

Lastly, find out how much experience they have with making music videos specifically. Although video production experience can be applied to various types of work, directors with prior music video experience will likely be able to bring more creativity and artistry than someone without.

If you want your film to represent you well, make sure that whoever is directing has both the creative mindset and industry know-how necessary for the job!

Producer preparing to film a scene. A slap slate is being used.

2. Settle on a Video Style

It’s important to know what kind of style you want for your music video before your team start working on the project. You could hire a team that has produced videos with similar styles in the past, but you should be aware that this may limit their creativity and vision when it comes time to shoot.

When hiring a video producer, find out how much control over creative decisions they are willing to give clients or are able to give up so that you don’t end up disappointed by the result! Although you should come with a vision, the team you are hiring should ideally help you with the creative direction. Clients should make sure to allow their videographer to retain control over each films development.  Remember video production professionals spend years honing their skills, so they should be able to help you create something that is tastefully done and memorable. Many videographers have even won an award or several for their work. Be sure to choose wisely and pay close attention to each teams style.

3. Set a Budget for the Production

No matter what kind of music video you’re looking to make, it’s important that your budget is carefully considered. Video production can be expensive, so you should set a number based on what your music video actually needs to accomplish. Since the video is for marketing purposes, make sure to spend enough money to create a unique production & high-quality product..

If you’re not sure how much to spend, a music video production companies can help determine the best way to make your idea happen within your price limit. This will allow them to create a video that is high-quality, but also affordable.

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4. Write a Script and Storyboard

Music video production companies typically offer scripting and storyboarding services for their clients.  Although you may have a general idea of what the video should look like, these services are often extremely helpful. Since understanding the necessary shots to capture will save production time, these services also offer a high return on investment.

However if you’re not hiring an outside team to help out with the creative direction, it’s still important that your team has an idea of what they need for their shoot. Make sure that whoever is directing knows how many scenes or shots are needed as well as any other details that might be necessary for optimal execution.

Script used for commerical video production.

5. Choose the Right Location

Music video production companies will know what kinds of locations to scout out. Make sure that any area you choose has the look and feel needed for your music video.

Consider unique locations such as open-air areas or even rooftops! These locations are often difficult to shoot in, so be sure to tell your video production company early in the search. Many production companies have experience getting the necessary permissions and permits to shoot in unique locations. Although it may be more challenging to film in these locations, the set design and unique visuals often makes up for the hassle.

A commerical studio location that would be suitable for music videos.

6. Give Detailed Feedback During Editing

Your production company can make all the necessary edits to create a finished product. In order for post production to be as smooth as possible, it’s important that you communicate with them throughout each step of the way! Avoiding communication or not giving clear feedback often slows the entire process and results in frustration for both parties.

Video editing is used to create the final product in commercial video production process.

Hiring Your Music Video Team

When it comes to making a music video, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. The best way to determine what you need is by thinking about the tone and style of your brand’s voice in digital marketing. If you want something sleek or professional, then hire an experienced director who knows how to work with people on set and get awesome results quickly. On the other hand if you’re looking for more grassroots videos that give off a DIY vibe, find someone with experience shooting guerrilla-style productions where they can capture raw footage without any fancy equipment. Remember that when hiring a filmmaker, quality should be just as important as timing so make sure their portfolio shows samples of both polished productions and looser

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