An image of the 608 Media Productions logo, a media production company in Madison, WI.

608 Media is an on-demand digital marketing agency that partners with small businesses to grow online. We are a boutique firm of media technicians, web designers, and digital marketers, who provide clients with the right mix of talent, creativity, and experience necessary to produce successful results.

Since the world first went online, businesses have used it to reach customers and change the way they work. Although any business can create a website, finding business success online has become significantly more difficult in the last few years. That is where 608 Media comes in. Our team helps business owners & leaders outsource their online marketing work on-demand!

We offer a variety of on-demand marketing services to help businesses with every step of their online journey. First, our team helps businesses create professional and effective websites to serve as their companies home online. Second, we help our clients populate their website with engaging and original media such as product videos, ads, photos, & even infographics! Lastly, we help deliver that media to potential customers using social media, paid digital ads, & search engine optimization. Thanks to the comprehensive nature of the services we offer, the 608 Media team can help you manage and coordinate every aspect of your online marketing! With 608 Media’s help, your business can get the high-quality marketing content you need for an affordable price.

608 Media was formed in July of 2021 with the mission to help small businesses find success and sustainable online growth. We have helped more than 20 clients through our on-demand digital services since opening. Our goal is to become the preferred partner of small business for all-inclusive digital marketing services.


Alex Rogers

Image of 608 Media founder, Alex Rogers.

Alex Rogers is a graduate of UW-Madison with his Bachelor of Science. He got his start in media production during high school working for his local access television station. He spent 4 years filming and producing a variety of videos including live sporting events, large orchestral concerts, and municipal conferences.

Alex has always been technically minded. He has considerable experience building PCs, setting up networking equipment, & rolling out technical solutions to business problems. This naturally led him to learn about website design and development. In 2014, Alex developed & launched his first website to support a previous business venture. Since that time he has helped consult, build, & launch over 30 websites for clients in industries ranging from screen printing to biotech startups.

In 2021, Alex decided to start 608 Media after seeing the struggles several colleagues were having generating leads from their business website. Some were struggling to create a useful website for their business, while others had websites but didn’t understand how to generate more organic traffic. Realizing these business could significantly increase their online marketing performance, Alex started creating 608 Media to help businesses grow online.