About 608 Media Productions

608 Media Productions is a local creative enterprise that specializes in high-quality, affordable video, websites, & more. The company was established in 2021. Its mission is to deliver affordable, but beautiful media for our client’s businesses and memories. Everyday great media is becoming more important. Don’t keep waiting to create great content for your business.

Our services include video production, digital marketing, and website design. Our team is here to support your needs and promote your success. With over a decade combine knowledge, 608 Media can help consult on a wide range of AV projects from live streaming video content to hosting your own concert In other words, our team is here to help the local community with their web development, marketing, and live event needs.

About the Founder

Alex Rogers

Image of Madison Music Experience Co-Founder, Alex Rogers.

Alex Rogers is a graduate of UW-Madison with his bachelors in Soil Science. He got his start in media production during high school as a member of the audio visual club. He spent 4 years filming and producing a variety of videos including live sporting events, large orchestral concerts, and municipal conferences.

Alex has always been considered a “tech wiz” by friends and family. He has spent considerable time building PCs, setting up networking equipment, & rolling out technical solutions to business problems. This naturally led him to learn about website design and implementation. In 2014, Alex developed & launched his first website to support a previous business venture. Since that time he has helped consult, build, & launch numerous websites. His clients have included local small businesses such as Cafe Coda & Bill Dickman Guitar Lessons.

Finally he started 608 Media Productions to bring fantastic affordable media to the local community. His mission for 608 Media is to help grow the creative economy. 608 Media aims provides jobs that allow individuals to express their creativity and artistic skills, while earning a competitive wage.