How to Create a Website

Building a website takes time and patience. Depending on the complexity of what you are building, the entire process can take between 3-12 months. However, the work doesn’t end after launch. In fact, it simply changes to maintenance rather than creation. That isn’t intended to turn people away from the website creation process, but the amount of work is often misunderstood from the outset. Many people attempt to build their business a website, but run into issues with website security, optimization and much more. In order to help, 608 Media Productions created this guide that details the steps on how to create a website.

Planning the Website

The first step in the website creation process is planning. Starting with a cohesive plan will help you make sure everything you need is there when you launch. At 608 Media Productions, we ask our clients what essential functions their websites needs. Our team works to understand our clients specific business application and tailors their website to fit those goals. Important points to consider during this phase include the need for an eCommerce solution, future website marketing plans, and website navigation. Consider how you would like your readers to interact with your website. If you goal is to sell more products through your website store, then you should design and optimize your website to sell those products. A common issue for novice designers is trying to optimize for too many objectives. Pick a few of the most important objectives for your website and focus on those.

Design & Creation

After you have developed a plan, it is time to start building. For most basic websites, that starts with purchasing hosting for your website. If you are unfamiliar with web hosting and the options that exist, check out our article on where websites are hosted. 608 Media is proud to offer excellent managed hosting for WordPress websites. If you plan to build your own website and are looking for excellent hosting, look no further than 608 Media. Our hosting boasts excellent speeds and security to keep your website running smooth. After you select hosting you will need to install WordPress or your desired Content Management System (CMS). The installation process will vary depending on your hosting, if you are struggling with the installation make sure to reach out to your hosting provider.

Following the installation process, you will need to select a theme to build your website in. There are thousands of themes to choose from. Many are free, but the paid themes offer additional functions for a very reasonable price. If you are considering building your own website, it is wise to consider purchasing a theme made for your desired application. After theme installation, you can start building the pages and layout of your website. Spend time tweaking and improve the website until it fits your needs. If you desire a specific layout or design try finding additional information on it through WordPress blogs.

Quality Testing

One of the final steps on how to create a website is quality testing.  Once you are satisfied with your design and functionality, it is time to begin the quality testing phase. This often overlooked, but massively important, step is testing your website for quality. At 608 Media Productions, our team tests every link on every page of your website. We test the website in several device resolutions (mobile, tablet, desktop) and on several browser types. After you have sufficiently tested the website, you can decide when it is time to launch your creation.

Website Launch

When you are finally ready to launch, follow the steps your hosting provide give you to launch your website. Make sure to watch the website closely for the first few days to prevent any issues. Be sure to create great content and interact with your customers to continue growing your online presence.


If you are looking for help designing and launching your business or personal website, contact 608 Media Productions to learn how our team can help you. Website design is a difficult and long process, but our team can take the burden off.