Many people think that they will generate leads on their website by simply getting traffic to the site, but this is usually not true. Once you get someone to your website, it is important to actually generate a lead from them. If you capture a lead, then you are one step closer to a customer and generate revenue for your business. This article will teach you about generating leads with your website and answers to some frequently asked question about the topic.

What is lead generation?

Leads generation is when you capture prospect information from your website by getting a visitor to take certain actions. For instance, you generate a lead when they provide their phone number or email address to you, often in exchange for something that is of value to them such as an ebook or schematic.

Lead generation is an essential part of making a website work for your business. Capturing leads on your site is one of the most efficient and effective ways to generate revenue for your business without having to spend a fortune on digital marketing or advertising.

In fact, website lead generation is among the most cost effective lead generation strategies. The average cost per lead is just $13, while outbound methods such as trade shows and telemarketing cost an average of $214 per lead.

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What is the average conversion rate?

The average lead generation conversion rate for websites is about 14%. This means that for every 100 visitors to your site, you’ll generate about 14 leads. However, this will vary depending on the type of site and industry in question.

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For example, consumer products have a conversion rate of about 18%, while the B2B sector is at a rate of about 11%. However, this is not static and it changes all the time. In fact, as website design and user experience become more important, lead generation rates will likely continue to rise.

How do you generate leads from your website?

There are numerous ways to capture sales leads from a website. The easiest is to offer your visitors something of value in exchange for their information. This item of value is often referred to as a lead magnet. Offer something unique to your industry to target your potential customers more effectively. Consider the following options to help you get your visitors attention.

Offering a free consultation

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If you are a service provider such as a website designer, offering a free consultation is a great way to capture leads. Many clients wonder what it would be like to work with you and giving them a free consultation is the perfect way to show them.

Consultations are great because you can also gather additional deal related information by talking to the prospect about their current & upcoming projects. This information can help your sales team close more deals when following up with the lead in the future.

Offering an ebook

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If you are in an industry where people are looking for information, such as home improvement or health and fitness, consider offering an ebook in exchange for their contact information. This is a great way to make your blog post a lead generating machine! Make sure your ebook actually offers value to your target audience and it will help legitimize your business.

If you aren’t sure where to start with ebooks in your industy, check out some of your competitors sites to see if they offer a similar lead magnet. Use their idea for inspiration to create your own helpful ebook.

Offering a free trial

If you offer a product or service that can be downloaded, such as an app for your phone, consider offering free trials. Many people will download it and then cancel their subscription if they do not like what they see. Giving them valuable content in exchange for their information up front is a great starting point.

Free trails also offer you an opportunity to capture additional information from the potential customer, such as use cases or what they like or don’t like about your product. This information can help you improve your product offering and you can follow up with previous free trail participants when you release updates.

Offering an whitepaper

If you offer a technical product or service, consider offering a whitepaper in exchange for a visitor’s contact information. This is a great way to capture leads from people who are interested in learning more about exactly what you have to offer. This tactic is often particularly effective for lead generation in B2B sales environments.

Industries such as biotech and engineering often use this type of lead generation tactic because it helps generate interest from a wider audience. Make sure your whitepaper is well written, comprehensive and easy to understand in order to maximize your conversion rate.

Offering discounts for signing up for your email list

One of the easiest ways to generate leads from website is to offer discounts for signing up for your email list. Many people will sign up and then forget about you, but that is okay because you can use their information for email marketing campaigns.

If you want to generate even more email addresses from the same amount of traffic on your site, consider offering a discount for those who share an article or some other piece of content on their social media accounts as well

Hosting a contest or giveaway

If you are offering a consumer product, hosting a contest or giveaway is great way to make your site a lead generation machine! People love free things and this method allows you to generate some initial buzz for your business even if they do not sign up right away.

Many brands use their social media accounts to host contests and giveaways to generate sales leads. This tactic is also great for increasing engagement on social media platforms.

Be sure to include the necessary information people need to enter your contest, such as how often they can enter and what the prize is. You may also want to require contestants to Like or Follow your page in order to be eligible.

How can I get more leads from my website?

There are tons of things you can change about your website to generate more leads, but it is important to determine which will be most effective for your specific site. For example, you shouldn’t worry about split testing your copy until you do basic things like add customer testimonials and calls to action. It is important to be efficient with your time when you are trying to optimize your lead generation strategy. Some examples of changes you could make to your websites to improve lead generation include:

Use social proof

If you aren’t seeing many conversions from the traffic on your product or service pages, try implementing a form of social proof. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when people are uncertain about a decision. By showing them that other people have made the same decision, you can help reduce their anxiety and increase the likelihood of a conversion.

Try adding customer testimonials or displaying the number of customers you’ve served. Online reviews are an incredibly effective method of boosting your credibility. According to Neilsen, 70% of people trust online reviews. Implementing this form of social proof could help boost your conversion rate by increasing customer trust.

Implement live chat

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Live chat is an incredible way to generate more leads on your website. It allows you to speak directly with prospects and answer any questions that they may have before converting them into a lead.

Often live chat is the preferred method of communication for millennials, so if you want to generate more leads from this age group, implementing live chat is a great way to do so.

According to the Baymard Institute, live chat can increase conversions by up to 20%. In other words implementing live chat will help set your business apart and allow you to reach prospects through a new channel.

A/B or split test your copy

If you’re not seeing the conversion rates that you’d like, try A/B testing your website’s copy. A/B testing is when you deliver two different versions of your web pages to different visitors and see which one generates more leads.

This is a great way to determine what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your website’s copy. You can also use this information to create new headlines, calls-to-action, and other elements on your page that could help improve conversions.

Use strategically-placed calls-to-action

Calls-to-action are a great way to push more traffic to your lead generation form. You want them to be as visible as possible, but you also want them to stand out from the rest of the text on your page. If they blend in too much with the background colors or images behind it, people may not notice it and click through.

Place your call-to-action in strategic locations on your page. For example, you could put them at the bottom of the page or after a blog post. You could also use them in pop-ups or as part of an email campaign. Experiment with different placements to see which generate more leads for your business.

Create effective landing pages

6. Image of a mobile friendly landing page used to turn a website visitors into qualified leads.

One of the best ways to capture leads on your site is through effective landing pages. A landing page can also be called a “lead capture” page, because they are designed specifically to generate conversions by capturing an email address or other information that you can use for lead generation purposes later. How do you create effective landing pages?

It all starts with the headline. Your landing page’s headline should be short, concise, and specific to generate conversions. Then you should use a subheadline to elaborate on the headline and provide more information about what the visitor will get by filling out the form on the page.

Your landing page should also be visually appealing. Use attractive images or videos, and make sure that your copy is easy to read. You don’t want people to have to scroll through a lot of text. Lastly, make sure your submission form is easy to complete. You should include only required fields, and make them clearly visible. You also want to limit the number of fields on your form as much as possible, because more information reduces conversions. You can always collect additional information about them later, so make sure you at least get their email address.

Incorporate video

Graphic representation of

Videos are an incredibly effective way to convert your target market into enough leads to boost your yearly revenue. You don’t even need any special equipment or software. Simply use a screen capture tool and upload it directly onto the product page of your ecommerce store to generate more conversions.

According to the Aberdeen Group, adding video content can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. Although you experience positive results with non-professional videos, you should also consider the value of a professionally produced marketing videos. Professional video can help boost your lead conversion rate. Depending on the value of those leads to your business, investing in professional video could help you maximize your return. Learn how 608 Media can help you create great video assets to showcase your brand!

Optimize for mobile devices

8. Image of tablet on the mobile optimized version of Google to help readers picture the important of mobile optimization to getting the most traffic and potential clients.

More and more people are using their mobile devices to browse online. If your website isn’t optimized for these smaller screens, you’re going to lose a lot of business.

According to studies by Google and Nielsen, 50% of smartphone users will leave if they can’t access the information that they want on the first screen without having to pinch or resize the screen. Not only is mobile optimization important for a good user experience,but most users are surfing the internet on mobile devices.

In fact, as of March 2016, mobile devices accounted for 52% of all global online traffic. That number has only continued to grow, so you need to make sure your website can actually serve mobile traffic.

Use pop-ups judiciously

While pop-ups can be effective way to interactive content on your website, you have to use them sparingly. If you bombard people with too many pop-ups, they’re going to get annoyed and leave your website. Try only using them when someone first arrives on your page or after they’ve been browsing for a while. This will help keep them from becoming overwhelmed and ruining the user experience. Be sure to make your pop-up delivers the right message for the page it appears on. For example, you wouldn’t want to display a pop-up that has nothing to do with the products on that page.

Wrapping Up

With so many options out there, it can be challenging to find the perfect lead generation strategy. But with a little help from our team of experts at 608 Media, you’ll have all the information and guidance you need to get more leads for your business using any one of these strategies. We are ready to partner with you on an search engine optimization or marketing plan that is tailored specifically for your company needs – contact us today!

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